Shooting Original Art


A collection of original art by Angie Stoddard.

With everything going digital these days – artwork is no different. Large artwork companies are providing modern artists with new opportunities to sell their artwork to a global market.

Companies such as Fine Art America have created a one-stop-shop for art lovers to find the pieces they desire and order prints on multiple mediums online.

This give the artists an opportunity to sell a piece multiple times and never give up ownership of the originals.

WMD Photography services the arts community by offering a high resolution, colour managed workflow to create image files suitable for uploading, and sell as reproduction.

We take the artist’s collection into our studio, where we very carefully align and shoot the images under controlled lighting. The files are then put through a series of our expert digital processes to ensure a perfect reproduction of your artwork.

You as an artist have invested countless hours into your work. From the years spent mastering your craft to the time it takes to create each piece. You have worked diligently to get to this point. By simply taking a snapshot of your artwork in an ad-hoc fashion you cut the final value of your art in half.

By using our services, you can be assured that the quality of the final digital version of your art will be as high as possible, and be representative of the investment you made to the original.

Final digital files are provided to our clients on CD along with a release form acknowledging the artists complete ownership of the files.

Call, email or drop by our studio to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote for shooting your entire collection.