Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is a term used to describe everything from creating a business card to authoring a book or news paper. We can provide all of these services however, we specialize in image manipulation and basic layouts.  We are capable of creating layouts for for any type of medium you may be looking for. From lapel buttons, to murals for highway signs, to graphics that will be embedded into video, we can help you to achieve the look you are after.

Little Rock - Bus Card-1We offer our clients photo-business card layouts, promotional posters and signage design services. Typically, these type of projects utilize images that we have created for our clients, but we also use graphics supplied by them or have procured on their behalf, to create the products they request.

With a combination of text and imagery, WMD creates all types of layouts for personal, charity and business. Whether its posters, collages, brochures, business card layout, logo design, signage, promotional items, retail or trade show publications, calendars,  or magazines.

This type of work is billed by the hour but we are happy to offer a quote for larger projects.