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A few months back we started a very special project with a client who approached us regarding a glamour/boudoir session.  We soon found out that there was a lot more going on than just another customer wanting some professional-glamourous images of herself – A LOT MORE!

As we discussed the specifics of the project we got to know our client, Tina.  This wasn’t some 18 year old looking to get into the modelling game. This was a middle-aged, married woman who wanted to do this for her husband; Ok, still not too unusual a request.  As we came to know the motivation behind doing this particular type of shoot, we found out that this brave and courageous woman had terminal cancer.  Bearing a facial disfigurement from this awful disease, she wanted to capture her timeless beauty both inside and out.  And to preserve for her husband and family lasting, amazing memories of her.  I could not have been more honored to be involved in such a wonderful, important legacy and milestone event.

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So, we started making plans for the shoot. Bill likes to send clients images as we progress through a project in order to get feedback.  Our client mentioned to us later that these images not only made her feel beautiful again but, are actually helping her feelings about herself, others and life in general.  If she is feeling down, or depressed, now she looks at the beautiful images of herself and is reminded that not only is she a beautiful woman but, the world ain’t such a bad place either.  We have since become very close and I could not be happier to have such a wonderful, fun, amazing friend.


This lady’s zest for life is totally contagious and we not only had a blast during the shoots, the resultant images captured her outside beauty, her personality, and amazing spirit.

Preserving memories is a major part of what we, as photographers, do.  Waiting until it is too late can be regretful, as so many of our clients have mentioned to us.  This memory capturing journey has given me a new appreciation for all that life has to offer. It has injected richness and positivity into my day to day.

Thank-you, Tina.


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