Why Maternity Are Important

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Today I was asked if maternity sessions were becoming popular among expectant mothers and it gave me pause.  The question forced me to remember why we do this and what the objectives of this creative process are.

I explained that this form of art was a celebration of  life and the natural changes that unfold during pregnancy.  At WMD, it is also a way for us to capture the beauty of  expectant mothers during a challenging time in their lives.

For some, looking in the mirror during the later stages of pregnancy is difficult as they see how much their body has changed.   At a time when many feel at their worst and their self esteem is at rock bottom, we create imagery that showcases their radiance and natural beauty.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring joy and self confidence into the lives of our clients.  Executed correctly, maternity photography should give the clients a sense of pride and great accomplishment, reminding them of the beauty that is motherhood.

For some, the images we create will be a private collection that are shared with a select few while for others, they are proudly displayed along side the newborn photographs in an album or as a part of a larger collection of images in the family room.  More important than where the photographs are kept, is the experience our clients enjoy. We give them a cause for celebration.


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