November, 2014

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Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Smith’s Falls, Ontario, November 11, 2014

Cenotaph Services in Smith’s Falls, Nov, 11, 2014.

When this fighter jet came flying at over 400 miles per hour past the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Smith’s Falls today, it was quite an eye-opening experience. It came out of nowhere and was just as quickly gone, giving Bill and I pause as to what it would have been like to be in combat on the ground when one of these flew overhead. A very exciting and impressive display.


The rest of the ceremony was very sombre and respectful as we honored our fallen dead from the two major world wars and those who are presently in combative situations, defending our flag and freedom around the world. It really is such an important day and should always continue to be as the generations pass into a time when no one remembers the sacrifices these brave men and women made to protect our country, a lot of them with their lives.

It seems to me that it was a simpler time back then, and a much less-selfish attitude as it was considered honorable and even preferable to go to war then, and to stay behind perceived as cowardice. What happened to our country that we seem to have almost completely forgotten what made Canada so great and well-loved around the world. Our values and morals have changed so drastically in almost a complete 180 degree fashion; and what made us great in the first place has almost been lost.


Except for those who stood in uniform today, and the families of the fallen who will always remember and honor those who were so brave, so honorable; it has become an exception, an anomaly. I am humbled immensely in their presence. You will only see it in movies now, this willingness to die for beliefs and families; a lost character trait that was so common in our land. It makes me wonder what they really died for and how sad it would be for them to see the country we live in today; just barely holding onto the smallest piece of honor and respect by those who survived. No one wants to go to war but when there is no other choice, these people stood up and did what had to be done.

Lest we forget, we will always remember and honor those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice.