October, 2014

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Double Glamour Shoot


Glamour in-studio shoot

Another amazing and late night in studio with one talented MUA and up and coming Hairstylist, to help us complete the looks for our models.  The girls were poised and elegant, ready for their glamour shots by the time Stacey and Renee did their magic on them.

Our models, Kerissa and Laura were also treated to a lovely manicure by Brenda who does mobile work and will travel to your location to pamper you and your nails.

This promotional glamour shoot had a definite party atmosphere going on.  Although neither girl had done any modeling previously, they were relaxed and professional throughout the evening – giving us the best images possible.

I really enjoy doing glamour photography and can’t wait to do more of this particular work soon.  It really is like a party and what girl doesn’t like being pampered, getting all dolled up and wearing some glamorous clothes and jewelry to complete the look? Awesome!!!

Artist – Instudio Shoot


Artist – instudio shoot

We had an awesome day in our studio with up and coming blues artist extraordinaire – Fernando Scatozza!  While shooting this super talented musician we also had the pleasure of a private impromptu concert.

With wardrobe and set changes, Kylee and I danced the afternoon away while Bill captured many creative images to be used promotionaly and for Fernando’s upcoming CD to be released in the near future.  I invite you to go to listen to him now at reverbnation.com.   He is such an amazing talent.

4-Generation Family Shoot


4-Generation Family Portrait Shoot.

Last week we did a four generation Family Portrait Shoot which gave me pause as to the importance of family portraiture.

A family portrait is one of the most important images that you will ever have in your home.   When life gets hectic and out of control as it so does at times, viewing that cherished family portrait prominently displayed in your living room can be just the thing you need to calm you down and remember why you are doing what you are doing in the first place.   It is also a reminder that no although you may not even be in the same country or continent at the present time, your family is always with you.

Family portraits are as unique and memorable as each family. Different types of family Portraits include: maternity shoots, couples,  grandparents, children and even images your beloved pet!   There are several different ways to create a beautiful image with your family, through emotions, poses, settings and backgrounds.  At WMD, it is imperative that we deliver images to you that you will cherish forever, and will last a lifetime in your home.


Why Maternity Are Important

mat pic here***

Today I was asked if maternity sessions were becoming popular among expectant mothers and it gave me pause.  The question forced me to remember why we do this and what the objectives of this creative process are.

I explained that this form of art was a celebration of  life and the natural changes that unfold during pregnancy.  At WMD, it is also a way for us to capture the beauty of  expectant mothers during a challenging time in their lives.

For some, looking in the mirror during the later stages of pregnancy is difficult as they see how much their body has changed.   At a time when many feel at their worst and their self esteem is at rock bottom, we create imagery that showcases their radiance and natural beauty.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring joy and self confidence into the lives of our clients.  Executed correctly, maternity photography should give the clients a sense of pride and great accomplishment, reminding them of the beauty that is motherhood.

For some, the images we create will be a private collection that are shared with a select few while for others, they are proudly displayed along side the newborn photographs in an album or as a part of a larger collection of images in the family room.  More important than where the photographs are kept, is the experience our clients enjoy. We give them a cause for celebration.


Being a co-op student at WMD


Being a co-op student is one of the best learning experiences that you can get when it comes to education.  Not only can you try different things that could possibly lead to your future, but you actually can learn more in a month of being in a placement, compared to sitting in a classroom.  I decided that when I signed up to be a potential candidate to help out in a business, I wanted to be put into a photography studio.  Being a photographer of some sort has always been my dream, I love doing it because it makes me feel free, and allows me to get my creativity going.

Shortly after searching for studios that may consider me, I found WMD Photography.  I went in to introduce myself to Bill and Elizabeth and asked if they would consider me as a co-op student, and they said yes.  Shortly after that, I booked my interview with them, did up my resume, and I ended up getting the placement!  I was so excited.  Of course, I had expectations of what I would be learning and what I wanted to learn.  I wanted to get into as much as I could to gain as much experience as possible.  To me, it’s really nice that not only was I learning photography, but I was learning a whole range of things, such as graphic arts, different tricks to editing, shipping/mailing procedures, documentation on the computer, writing promotions, scanning/processing old negatives to restore them and even laminating prints!  It became clear that technically, I was learning a lot when it comes to owning a studio.

I have been here for two semesters, and not once have I ever been disappointed.  My supervisors, have been nothing short of amazing to me, and I have been involved in so many amazing events.  I knew there would be a lot of work involved; being a photographer is not the easiest thing.  It comes with a lot of hard work and you really have to be dedicated and have a passion for it.  Just to give you an idea, here are some of the amazing things I have participated in for the time that I have been with WMD Photography.

In studio shoots: 
Fernando’s music shoot
Charlie’s music shoot
A pet shoot with Tiberius
Hockey tournament promotional shoot
Pet shoot with Santa
Bike shoot with Ron

Out of Studio shoots:
Christmas pet shoot with Santa
Hockey tournaments

Each and every one of these events have been so different from one another, yet so much fun!  I personally love how each event is different compared to the last one because then it gives me more of an opportunity to learn about what equipment does and doesn’t work best with the type of environment we are working in to help us get the amazing shots that we take.

I’m so proud to be a part of the WMD Photography team.  Both Bill and Elizabeth have taught me so much, and I can truly see such a difference in not only my knowledge about photography but, the outcome of my images.  If you are interested, curious, or maybe just on the fence about becoming a co-op student, not just in photography but, in anything in general, definitely do it, because you will not be disappointed and you will see the positive impact that it can make in deciding your future.


Valley Elite AAA Tournament 1 – April 18, 19 and 20, 2014


April 18, 19 and 20, 2014 – Valley Elite AAA Tournament 1

This weekend we were so excited to be a part of this amazing hockey tournament where the best of the best competed for the title of champs at their level.

The three levels competing were Minor Atom, Atom and Pee Wee. These teams comprised of some who played throughout the year together based in a local area, while other teams were players from all over – Ottawa, Smith’s Falls and surrounding areas, Toronto, even the state of New York.

The action was fast and furious from beginning to end as the WMD team captured action images from all 43 games, as well as, the extremely happy winning teams that resulted from some pretty  competitive hockey.

Over 3000 images were shot throughout this weekend.  We braved some cold temperatures and 16plus hour days in order to capture as many shots of the participants as possible and the exciting action on the ice surfaces of the Community Centre right here in Smith’s Falls.


This Blog was written by our co-op student Kylee Harris as she describes her experiences with us at WMD Photography Studio.